Obstetric Services

Prenatal care for all phases of pregnancy including Pre-conceptional counseling.

First Trimester: up to 13 completed weeks: Initial ob visit involves a confirmation of pregnancy, full history and physical examination. Routine Prenatal Laboratory tests( Complete blood count, ABO blood type and RH, HIV, RPR, Hepatitis B, Rubella and necessary 1st trimester genetic screening, Genital cultures as necessary and Pap smear. Initial Level 1 or dating ultrasound

Second Trimester: 14 – 27completed weeks with routine visits at the office. Diabetes screen, Level 2 ultrasound request.  2nd trimester genetic screening

Third Trimester: 28weeks –term which includes delivery. Group B streptococcus screening, repeat prenatal labs. Counseling on expectations of labor and delivery at chosen Hospital.  Encouragement for Childbirth Classes enrollment.

Postpartum: Up to 6 weeks after delivery. Expectations, counseling and screening for Postpartum depression and early motherhood challenges including breastfeeding.